• Find the right maintenance program

    – Take advantage of a maintenance package agreements fit to your needs.
    – We offer the full spectrum of service and logistics as our services cover transportation, inspection, repair and maintenance of wind turbine.

  • Dismantling

    Our dismantling offer include:
    – Dismantling and disassembly of wind turbines main components
    – Loading components into client’s trucks
    – Crane hire
    – Support Materials and Frames for transport

  • Oversize transport

    Our transport offer include:
    – Loading
    – Unloading
    – Road permits
    – Police escort


Properly maintained wind energy converters have an expected life of 15 years, and in some cases, even 20 years. At the end of project life, depending on market conditions and project viability, the wind turbines may be ‘re-powered’ with new nacelles, towers, and/or blades, in this way the life of the project would be extended and any decommissioning activities would be delayed. Alternatively, the wind turbines may be decommissioned.

The decommissioning/ dismantling process will involve removing the wind turbine, including the tower, generator, auxiliary equipment, above ground cables/poles, all fixtures, and other personal property and finally restoring the site premises to the original condition. If it is agreed with the landowner, access roads and underground cables may be left in place. Foundations shall be removed to original soil depth and replaced with topsoil, but only at owner’s request.

The first stage of the dismantling process will be to have the technicians disconnect the tower from the collection system and disconnect the wiring between turbine sections. The team will then use a crane to remove the blades, the rotor, the nacelle and then the tower, section by section. The lubricating oil will be drained from the gearbox once it has been placed on the ground, and the oil will be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations. As the turbine is being disassembled, the various components will be transported off-site.


A new life for wind energy converters!

After ten to fifteen years of operation, wind turbines usually need refurbishment. RENERGY SERVICE technical experts will determine the works needed to be executed and provide warrantees for all refurbished parts. As a result, refurbished wind equipment will meet or even exceed its original specifications. The benefits of the refurbishment are significant and immediate:

  • Return of the investment value can be almost double
  • Payback time can be almost half
  • Turbine lifetime increases up to 10 to 20 years
  • Fast delivery time for refurbishment
  • Complete inspection and testing of the performance, as well as warrantees for all refurbished parts
  • Possibility of customized refurbishment, including the reduction of output to meet local regulations, changing of the generator windings, gear size and software adjustment to accommodate for 50 Hz to 60 Hz grid

During refurbishment, the main components of the turbines are disassembled, inspected, cleaned, reconditioned or replaced. The refurbishment process typically covers the following components:

  • Gearbox
  • Generator
  • Rotor
  • Blades
  • Hydraulic system
  • Controller
  • Any required tailored retrofit

RENERGY SERVICE gives to its customers a choice to refurbish the wind turbine completely or certain parts. The decision is made on the basis of a specialized technical inspection, which will show the real condition of the wind turbine and its parts.
After the refurbishment, the customer receives standard warranty or he can chose an extended warranty.


  • Preliminary inspection of the wind energy converter at the start of the contract
  • Preventive maintenance according to the wind energy converter manufacturer’s specifications:
  • Oil change
  • Greasing
  • Review of torque and screws
  • Measuring all electrical values and temperatures
  • Analysis of the oils
  • Supply and comprehensive management of spares parts and consumables
  • Staff availability 24/7
  • Supply of all tools and equipment necessary for working in and with wind turbines
  • Monitoring and control of the wind energy converter


  • Identifying electrical faults and offering detailed resolution reports
  • Machine reset
  • Replacing all necessary small components
  • Replacing all necessary large components
  • Repairing the telecommunication systems


During the dismantling process, all of the turbines will be broken into smaller pieces (on site) to allow for easier transportation. If the pieces cannot be transported off site immediately, they will be stored on site on a specially arranged lay down area until they can be safely removed. A special lay down area may therefore be created, including topsoil removal, levelling and compacting. Any ground disturbed by the creation of the lay down area will later be rehabilitated. Off-site transport of pieces and components will be made using adequate transport vehicles (LKW, low-bed-trucks, extendable trucks, special trucks etc.) and undertaken in accordance with a Traffic and Transport Management Plan.


Dismantled wind turbines have a high salvage value due to their steel and copper components. These components are easily recyclable and there is a ready market for scrap metals.


Renergy Service offers a wide variety of spare parts for various models of wind turbines, be it original or reconditioned, completely ready for use, so that you can reduce downtime due to the unavailability of spare parts.

  • Generators
  • Gear Motors
  • Sets of Blades
  • Control Systems
  • Electric Motors
  • Bearings
  • Brakes
  • Shafts
  • Various Consumables